Saturday, 13 November 2010

Inky fun!

I recently bought a lovely set of marbling inks. We got them out for the first time yesterday and had such fun.
The inks sit on top of the water, you just have to place the paper on for a second and the paper picks up the inks.
Everyone had to take turns
They each chose their own colours

and we kept going until we ran out of table space :)
Googs, in the creative mood, then made me a bat.
A little later, when the pictures were dry and we had the table back, I decided to show them another inky activity.
Blowing the ink. I made this fish to demonstrate.
The kids asked to use our new paints instead so we just watered them down.
Kiki made her picture by wiping the straw across the paint rather than blowing it :)
Boo's fireworks
Champ in the middle of his lionfish picture.
Googs made some wonderful blown art, he then folded the paper in half to make butterflies :)
Last night I had fun making a snowflake garland.


Linda said...

Looks like such fun!

Moogie said...

It was Linda :o) it took all of my willpower not to shove the kids out the way so that I could play with them. lol

Kelly said...

Lots of fun. I would be tempted to do some showing too!

dorina said...

marbling and blowing through straws is so fun. we haven't done it in ages. the papers you created are beautiful, as is your snowflake garland!