Monday, 15 November 2010

Coinsbrough Castle.

Today we went to visit a new castle! OK, it is not a 'new' castle, in fact it was built in the 12th Century.
We went into the visitor centre first and Googs couldn't wait to jump into the stocks :o)
He said that we should get one for our house!!!!
And here are the models of the village as they progressed through time.

And here is Coinsbrough Castle.
There were lots of nooks and crannies to explore.
And there were LOTS of toilets to find :o)

The magnificent keep.

After a good look around the grounds we went to explore the keep. The kids always get a little nervous entering old buildings for the first time.

The Earl's Hall. A dining room complete with
a sink.The sleeping chamber
which had a little chapel coming off it.
The view from the top was lovely. Not quite as spectacular as the one from Pevril Castle but still lovely.
It was a long way down.
There was even an oven up there on the roof.
Back down in the grounds

After one last trip up the Keep to see the birds
We took a walk all the way round the castle walls before heading home.


dorina said...

so many castles to explore in your neighborhood. it's wonderful! so much history to learn about :) i love the photo of the street and cars as seen from the top of the ruins. if we could really time travel . . !!!

Kelly said...

Oh Wow. What a great castle to explore. Stocks in the house is a fantastic idea. We could do with one of those too!