Sunday, 28 November 2010


Last week we met the local home ed group for a natural pottery day. The sun didn't reach the valley so it was freezing!!!!
The group spilt into two groups: over 6 and younger 6.
The kids first task was to pick out of rainbow stone and find something from nature to match it's colour.

After that they got to make some nature art. Googs made a rugby post :o)
and Kiki made some horses

and then the camera died :( This was the last shot it took, Googs in a small cave.
A friend took this picture of the older kids. They had a number of nature activities too, including making nature pictures by using thorns to pin leaves to tree trunks.Even with the death of the camera, I was still able to take more pictures thanks to a generous friend lending me her spare camera :O)
After the walk in the valley we went back to the farm, to the pottery centre.

Demonstration clay. The kids had to make leaves with mini beasts on them.
Being shown what to do
Then they all got to have a go!

Kiki made a bee
Googs made a ladybird

Boo, a butterfly
and Champ....actually I am not sure what this is. I will have to ask him :)
We have to wait until Jan to get their fired clay creatures back, I can't wait!


nocton4 said...

great photos, wonderful creations xx

dorinalouise said...

ooohhh that's so fun! i love working with clay . . and the nature walk beforehand is so inspiring.

Kelly said...

What great fun and really great creations. I'll show Sol Champs insect. He will be impressed! Clay is a wonderful, creative medium. And your home ed. bunch do fun things together!

Moogie said...

the kids loved looking at the insect pictures and working out all of the different sections, legs, antenna etc. I am sure that Sol would love it too!