Thursday, 4 November 2010

leaf caterpillars and lopping

Today at the nature reserve session the kids had to make leaf caterpillars by drawing a face, attaching a thread and needle and then finding brightly coloured leaves to thread.
Googs and Kiki took the job very seriously.
Boo was content to play with a large stick that she had found.

And Champ went off to collect as many different types of seeds as he could find.

Then inside all the seeds, nuts and fruit were separated.
After lunch we went to chop down some willow to make some habitats.
Everyone got to use the tools.

and then the batteries of my camera ran out..... :oP
After they had made a large pile of willow cuttings, the kids went off to collect leaves to pile on top.
And just as we were leaving the rain started to fall, we had great timing!

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Kelly said...

Lots of interesting activities happening at your nature reserve. I like the leaf caterpillers.