Thursday, 4 November 2010


It's that time of year again...shoeboxes!
This year Gran decided to make and give 40 personally. 10 for each child to make up.
Last year we noticed that the ages 5-7 were the most popular, so Champ did 10 boxes for boys aged 8-14, Boo did girls 8-14, Googs did boys 2-4 and Kiki did girls 2-4.
All the goodies were layed out in the lounge and a list of everything that each box needed was put up.
then the kids got to work.

All of Kiki's girls got a my little pony :o)
The soaps were wrapped in the facecloth.
All the kids included gifts that they wanted to receive

The boxes all included:
a ball
something to write with
something to write on
hard toy
soft toy
and then anything else they wanted to add like hair bobbles, games etc.
And once the younger two were done they went to make the Christmas pudding.


Pip said...

wow!! 40!! thats some doing.
that has reminded me i must do one this weekend with the boys. I will go find my leaflet in a mo!
It most be lovely for these children to get pressies and so good for our children to give to others who are not so well off.

Moogie said...

It is a lot! My Mom knitted 100 hats for the appeal too!
And yes, the kids get so much out of it. It stays in their minds for a long time and makes them feel really good about themselves :o)