Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Mommy's Day - Craft fair

My Mom treated me to a day off at a major craft fair!!! Hubby took the day off to take care of the kids. I stayed over at my parent's house the night before the fair so that we could leave very early.

I didn't take many pictures of all the wonderful stands and clever people. I guess that I wanted to be selfish and just enjoy everything without thinking about photos.

My Mom however, did take some pictures :o) I got to try lots of new crafts.

These are all straw creations

and then I got to try soft pastels for the first time!

I loved it, getting my hands on the pictures to blend was just up my street.
When I got home and showed the kids they said "Wow Mom, it looks like someone else drew it"!!!!
This was a cake made from seed beads. Can you imagine how long it took to make!

baby dragon
I got to make a bear too.
The kids didn't miss out though as Gran bought them all metre long licorice ropes from Italy.


Kirsty said...

Your pastel picture was just great - didn't realise you did it at the fair. Think I need some lessons from you!!

lol at the kids with the licorice!!!

Kelly said...

I am jealous! Your pastel picture really is beautiful. I would so love to be let loose on a potter's wheel! Lucky you!