Tuesday, 2 November 2010

cooking with Gran - Christmas cake

A friend of mine gave us these old scales! They were just perfect for cooking-with-Gran day :o)
The kids really wanted to make some more pasta so the flour was measured out.
eggs added and mixed in.
Once the pasta was resting in the fridge the kids got on with the Christmas cake.
The smell of this cherry brandy was divine!

oh the colours and smells, glorious!

Making some gingerbread biscuits while waiting for the pasta.

Kiki didn't have many biscuits to bake in the oven, the dough somehow disappeared before it could be cooked.

Busy bees.
They finally got on with making the pasta.

We normally break the pasta in smaller pieces but decided to leave it long for fun. Some of the pieces we almost a meter long!
hmmm how to eat it? :o)

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Kelly said...

I wish I could come to the next cooking with gran session!