Friday, 29 October 2010

Champ is 10!!!

It's official, I am now old! I have a child who has reached the age of double digits!!!! 10!

Champ wanted a sleepover on his birthday. It has been a while since we have had a boys only party, so it was fun coming up with boy activities after so many girls parties.
The boys arrived at 4pm. We decided to get them to cook their own supper. In fact a lot of the activities were based on being outdoors. Unfortunately, it started raining just before the boys arrived, so Hubby and Gran set up a little shelter.

Getting some logs to sit on around the fire.

collecting sticks to put sausages on.

After supper we set up the shooting range.

Earlier in the day I made some flour bombs made from stockings and flour.

First the boys took turns in throwing the bombs to hit the various bottles which were worth different points. A score board was set up.

Kiki spent time by the fire with Gran.

Then out came the paintball gun. We hadn't told any of the boys, including champ, that we had it and they were all so excited. There were safety goggles and very strict rules!

They had to get through 500 paintballs!

After every round, and after the gun was safely handed to hubby, the boys would run up to the targets and inspect them for damage :o)

Hubby couldn't resist playing too :o)

We all then went inside to warm up with a chocolate fondue. I got water in it though so wasn't quite as runny as it should have been :o( The kids were all happy with it though.

After that, the kids decorated Champ's birthday cake. It was Champ's idea. We got LOTS of chocolate bars that the kids had to break up and decorate to look like a bonfire.

The cake started falling apart after having so much chocolate shoved into it :o)

It was then topped with sparklers.

Back outside to play with flour bombs and sparklers.

After the sparklers the boys played games in the dark like stalk the lantern and hide and seek. And then went into the fields with torches to look for wildlife.

Back inside for hot chocolate and to get ready for bed.

Pretending to sleep :o) They then watched a DVD before going to sleep.

In the morning they played with candle boats. They had to blow the boats to the other side without blowing out the candles. It took some time but they eventually got the hang of it :o) I still had a few other activities that we didn't get to do but I guess it is better having too many activities rather than too few :o)
The last 10 years have been fun. I hope that we can say that for the next 10 years :o)


dorina said...

what a fun party! it's so nice to be outdoors, and then come in for chocolate. (that's the perfect party!).

happy birthday to both of you! (10. wow. isn't it amazing how time goes by. a whole decade. my youngest will be 11 in 2 weeks! aaahhhh!)

Moogie said...

Tell me about it Dorina! The fact that my children keep having birthdays makes me feel older than my own birthdays :o)

Kirsty said...

Oh it looked so fab! Thanks for putting up the pics, I was looking out for them but must have missed them after all!