Tuesday, 15 June 2010

tables, mosaics and animals

Daddy kneading the pizza dough for the first time, Kiki was checking that he was making it right.
We have had a week of rain so were making the most of the fine weather when we had it.
Champ blowing bubbles for the younger two.
Champ and Boo took the camera outside to take some nature pictures. Most of the pictures were fuzzy but there were a few great ones. I really need to teach them about the portrait button on the camera.

Once inside, Boo made a zoo.
Then onto mosaics for Grandad.
The photos on the front of the packets show broken pieces of tiles to fit the picture, but all the tiles in the pack were whole, so we got some wire cutters to get round the problem.

The kids worked for almost 2 hours on this, and helped each other out.

Just need the grout.

Done! I was a little heavy handed with the damp sponge so might need some more grout one day but right now I think they look fantastic! The kids have only ever played the 'proper' game once, they much prefer to just play with the chairs their way :o)
I just had to take this picture. The box of animals was very heavy and every time Kiki tried to pick it up she got the giggles.
And here is the crocodile that had bitten Mommy's finger, so Kiki said it was naughty and sent it to it's room.
"Take a picture of my foot"
To get the children to practice their tables we set up shop. Everything was 3p so by the time we packed up they were pretty sure of their 3 times table.

next will be 4 times table :o)
Everything magically moved into lounge, funny how that happens.
Tea break for the younger two...
while the older two were doing some maths worksheets.
Boo's animals. Carnivores!

fun with Mommy :o) Hubby actually picked up the camera!!!!

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