Friday, 11 June 2010

communion dress

Boo's first holy communion is on the 4th of July and I really wanted to make her dress. With Kiki's birthday the day before and the fair the week after, I was feeling the pressure to get it done. I was disappointed at the patterns in the local material shop as they seemed to be aimed at girls a lot younger, or at least shorter. Boo is very tall for her age so I wanted to make sure that what ever I made actually fit her!
I came across sensibility patterns which had regency dress patterns for girls - perfect. The dress would be simple but elegant and came in a range of sizes.
I went for the e-pattern, it was around 26 pages of pattern which I had to sticky tape together.
I measured her (thrice), cut out the material for the lining and dress, sewed the bodice together was too small :o( after yelling at the pattern, sewing machine and myself, I started again with the biggest size.
This time, it was more successful, although it was still tight around the underarms so I just trimmed them back.
After two days and a lot of learning, since this was only he second pattern that I have ever used...ta da!

I dug out my charity shop button collection and found these vintage glass buttons.

which looked perfect.

I made the sash by sewing together the dress material, making the wrong side show as it had a lovely shine to it.

I did think about making some flowers to put on the dress but changed my mind. I will make some flowers clips to go in her hair and leave it at that.

I am soooo pleased that it is finished :o)we can now have our dining room back. Have to say it made a lovely sewing space, I am sure that we can just eat our meals on a picnic rug from now on ;O)


Anonymous said...

Lovely, well done!

Moogie said...

Thank you! Gosh, it seems so long ago now. My youngest daughter will be able to wear it in a few years!

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sara said...

The girls are looking stunning in the pretty white dresses. This will be a new kind of communion with your child that you have never experienced before.

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