Thursday, 3 June 2010

My new, very old knitting machine!!!!!!

Someone is our home ed group was giving away an old knitting machine, of course I snapped it up! It also came with some wool and some very old patterns. I am so excited about it :o)
Once the children had gone to bed I got the knitting machine out. It took me AGES to work out how to get the thing out of the box, luckily Hubby was around to give me a hand. I had never seen a knitting machine in my life.

Once it was out the box I had to thread it...another half an hour or so. I followed the instructions and then all of a sudden I was knitting! I completed 50 rows in no time at all, I know this because it even comes with a row counter. I can't tell you how excited it all makes me in my little world.

Look how neat it is!

I did have a problem with this corner though. The instructions said to hook the wool onto the hooky thing, but it seemed to pull it out at the corner.

After my little knitting experience I had to put the machine away before the children could play with it...yet another mission as I couldn't remember how it all went back in the box! and on top of that I couldn't seem to close the lid. I guess at least my sewing machine won't feel left out anymore as I am sure that I will be swearing at this machine just as much :o)
Here are some of the vintage patterns that came with it. I couldn't fit all the patterns into one picture but it gives you an idea.

Look only 9p. Some of the patterns have a 7p price tag on them!

I can't image that I would (when I eventually learn to use the machine properly) ever make some of these patterns, a little too retro for me.

Although this one is really cute :o)

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Joel Henriques said...

Wow, lucky! This machine is a beauty!

Very cool blog, too.