Friday, 11 June 2010

rain, rain, go away!

We have had rain ALL week :o( Our days of having braais (barbecues) are becoming a distant memory. I know, I know, it has only been a week but I REALLY miss it, and the children NEED to be outside, life is so much harder when we are stuck inside. OK a little dramatic but just look at what I am missing...

And with all the rain, we get lots of mud. You can't really see it all properly because of the flash, but Googs walked mud through the house. Proper muddy footprints! His Dad and I were NOT impressed.
even up the stairs.
and the passageway.
Boo has gone to have a sleepover at her grandparent's house. The rest of us went to the library, stopping to admire the gardens.
The children were silly with all their excess energy, a great way to channel it was junk modelling.
Googs made three things. A paper plate picture of me, some racing lights made out a an egg box and this...a flying gun machine.
Kiki spent almost an hour decorating her flower pot. She had some juice out of it today which she was very happy about. Flower will go into it tomorrow :o)
Champ made a 'junk boat'. I love the crows nest that he made, he was a little upset when I said that it would make a beautiful flower, ooops.
I made a summer dress for Kiki. I had never used elastic thread before which was great fun. There was no pattern and it is faaaar from perfect but Kiki loves it :o) It was meant to be much shorter but she wanted her dress to be like her big sister's dress. I will cut a few inches off it in a week or so.
The top frill is way too big and keeps flapping over.

Last night, while watching 27 dresses, I made some petals.
and today sewed some flowers.
On the way back from the home ed meet, I nipped into hobbycraft and found these for the kids to make for their Grandad's birthday next month.
Watching the football world cup opening ceremony which we recorded while we were out.
I didn't have the camera handy so sketched this. She looks angelic, playing in the long grass, but what she was actually doing was digging up mud to feed to the tadpoles - they didn't survive :o( I figured out what she was doing a little too late. The chive flowers...
Learning to use watercolour...
Googs' drawing of an angry dinosaur...
and Kiki's drawing of Kiki :o)I want to know who the bright spark was who taught Erika the word 'boring'. "come on Erika lets draw" "It's boring" "Go play outside Erika" "No, it's boring" "Erika eat your lunch" "I can't, it's too boring"


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