Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 4. Pebbles!

We spent 7 and a half hours on the beach today! The children are so happy and free there. I did feel guilty that we didn't do the historical educational thing but only for a little while.
It was a very pebbly day today. Googs started the trend by making a little beach of his own.
Finding wonderful pebbles on the beach.
Inspired by the nature-made-rock-art, we made our own. I just fell in love with this beautiful pink seaweed.
Googs loved the fresh green with the pink.
Kiki loved piles of everything :o)
Rocky art.
Okay not a pebble but still nature - crab legs.
I LOVED the range of pebbles on the beach, I had to restrain myself from taking lots of them home. I think that Kiki had the same idea as I kept on having to empty the back of the pram of pebbles before putting it into the car.
I am thinking egg cases..but could be seaweed?
more fossils.
Kiki played this game for so long but it took me a little while to work out what it was. She was playing cars!

pebble pizzas
seaweed pizza
Googs went to check out the ducks.
being joined by the girls.
pebble piles. It was fun to create tempory art and then watch the sea come and reclaim it. Well the sea and the boys...they built towers of stones and then knocked them over by throwing smaller stones at them :o)

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