Thursday, 3 June 2010

Party time!

The party was after lunch which meant that we had plenty of time to finish off the food and set the games up, it did mean, however, that we had a very excited little/big girl asking every few minutes when her friends were going to arrive.
Mom and Aunt O came to celebrate and help with the party. Here they are setting up the spider web game.

Spider web all set up. Lolly sticks were tied to one end and the clue at the other.

It was the first game the children played when they arrived. They were all very good at following their piece of wool and winding it up on the stick.

Me getting in the way :o)

The under 4s found the game a little tricky.

But finally everyone got their prize/fly! The clues led the children to frizbees hidden all around the garden. It was wonderful to see them all zooming round the garden. I got some permanent marker for the children to write their names on the frizbees.

Next was the caterpillar game. THe children had never played a game like this before so they all wanted to practice being caterpillars first. It was amazing to see all the different techniques used by the children as their hands weren't allowed to touch the floor.

I think the sacks worked really well :o)

Then they were all ready for the race. The only problem was that they were supposed to divide into two teams but all the girls wanted to be together, so the teams were very uneven. The boys didn't seem that bothered though as they got to have loads of extra turns.

The boys thought that they won (which they did) and the girls thought that they won ;o)

Food time. One of the mothers started a game to keep the children distracted so that I could bring out the food.

It all looked so pretty and disgusting at the same time :o)

I took this picture as the children were let loose to help themselves.

The younger three being served once there was some space.

We put out lots of rugs for everyone.

Sitting in a circle. I found it so funny the way the boys all faced outwards.

After all that sugar, we needed a high energy game so we played exterminator. Here someone has a spray bottle filled with water and they have to spray the bugs. Whoever is sprayed had to lie on their back with their arms and legs in the air like a dead bug. Then they need to be rescued by the other bugs who pick them up by their hands and feet and take them to one of the resuscitation mats.

By the time everyone had had a go at being the exterminator, they were all very hot and were enjoying being sprayed.

The water slide was great to cool everyone down.

We don't have a hose connection so we took turns carrying the watering can of water up to fill the baby bath.

Everyone had great fun and by the end the slide was a little worse for wear.

Time for birthday cake.

We managed to light the candles...

and they amazingly stayed lit through the entire rendition of Happy Birthday.

By this time it was way after home time and we hadn't even gotten through all of the games.
I got out the bean bag bugs for the children to play with as we were dividing up the cake and clearing up.

I really enjoyed this party. It made it so much easier that people helped out. Even the pheasant helped by the clearing up the dropped cake.

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