Thursday, 3 June 2010

bits and bobs

I am lying here, outside, on my own, trying to upload photos to the blog. I say 'trying' because the connection doesn't seem to be strong enough for me to do this outside so I have given up for now and am just going to type.
Today is Hubby and my 10th wedding anniversary! 10 years seems such a long time! We are going out later to celebrate so will post about today another time :o) My Mom came to pick up the children before lunch which meant that I have had the day to myself. Perfect opportunity to get some blogging done as I feel that I have been a bit useless about it recently.
I am watching the clouds behind me reflected in the monitor, watching them cover my lovely sun :o( It brings to mind that song 'I'm hot then I'm cold...'
So my first post in June is just going to be about bits and pieces.

In this picture Champ was experimenting with vinegar and an egg. He had seen somewhere that vinegar eats the egg's hard shell and you are just left with the soft membrane.

As always Kiki not wanting to miss out on the learning.
I think that we needed different vinegar as even after three days the shell was still intact.
Boo also has an experiment going in the bathroom. She wanted to see how long it would take a piece of soap to dissolve in a pot of water.

I have been cracking on with various bits and pieces for the craft fair. I do need to get more of a move on though as we only have a few weeks left and nothing is completed, plus I still have to make Boo's first holy communion dress!!!
Here are some bugs to go in the bug gardens.

A completed bug garden pack for a birthday party. I should really take a picture when all the bits are out of the bag as the flection makes it hard to see.

Boo dressed herself for the party. I love the way she just mixed all the colours together.

I just had to take this photo this morning. I came downstairs to see the two of them sitting and watching TV together. Boo was upstairs playing with her puppy in my pockets and Googs was sulking :o)

and this is a gorgeous glass vase that used to belong to my Gran and now belongs to me. I LOVE it! it is a wonderful shade of blue and when the sun shines on it little shards of light bounce around the room.
It is now living in our bedroom as I feel that it is the room that needs the most colour injection.

and just look at my wonderfully colourful finds at the pound shop!!! I was so excited when I saw them, not such a dull shopping trip afterall :o)

I found some peelable window paint in a charirty shop. Result is some wonderful colourful designs for around the house. Colour makes me so happy :o)
Bathroom creatures...

I think these ones work well with the crochet bathroom bunting :o)

Boo's bedroom. I don't think that the colour will last long on the window pics though :o(

Our landing picture gallery.

okay now I am back inside it is time to carry on downloading those pics...

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