Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 6. Last full day

Googs loves all bat games so I bought a bat and ball set which he played with for hours.
Chatting with Daddy.
Everyday, while on the beach, I got chatting to a local fisherman when he was going out for the day and then again when he came back in. Then on Saturday he surprised us by letting us know that he had brought some life jackets and asked if we would like to come out and haul in the crab nets. Hubby and Champ went out first and then Boo, Googs and I went out for a trip round the bay. He used a tractor to help with the boat.
The boys getting in. I couldn't take closer pictures as I was sitting with Kiki and all our stuff.
While the boys were out and Boo was looking for starfish, Googs and Kiki made a mountain.
These two aren't afraid of hard work...well until Googs dropped a stone on his thumb :o(
Then we made a bowl and they did some baking. Here, Googs is adding the flour and Kiki is mixing.
Racing sand cars.
At the little shop, I bought these magnets to pick up some metallic stones.
we ended up with quite a large amount which I intend to use when looking at magnets in science.
Across from the beach was a small art gallery which I had to pop into.
Aren't these vases fantastic!

This artist also paints, she LOVES bright colours.
I just fell int love with this painting. It has some sandy texture at the bottom and has the most wonderful crisp light to it.
I am not as big of a fan of this one but still thought it clever.
When I got back from the gallery, I found my family giggling away at a game that they were playing.
Mermaid Boo.
Buried Googs.
Saying goodbye to the beach.

As you can imagine, the children didn't want to come home again. Now just to do get going on the MASSIVE pile of washing!

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pippa said...

Looks like a fabby trip!

I agreee that the textured paining is wonderfull.... what a talented artist!!