Sunday, 27 June 2010

Camping! Day 1 & 2

My excuse for not posting for a while...we went camping!!!!
We woke up on Monday morning with bright sunshine and a weather forecast of sun all week, which I just couldn't waste. So I found a campsite on the internet, asked the owner if he would help me set up the tent when we got there as Hubby had to work, loaded the car and off we went...
to Whitby. It took us just over 2 hours to drive there and another hour and a half to set up the tent, but once done we could smile :o)
I deliberately chose a campsite that allows fires. Champ took this picture of me cooking (ok warming) our first meal of baked beans. Kiki isn't in the photo because she was having a tantrum so I put her in the car to calm down.

How could we have a fire without marshmallows? The owner of the site gave us three bags of wood that someone had left on the weekend so we were all set.
Oh yes, we had the campsite to ourselves :o)
Kiki was exhausted so I put her to bed, I came out to the kids cloud watching.
Can you see Goog's whispering fish?
Champ just didn't want to leave the fire.
Midsummer's day and an awesome sunset. You can't see all the deep rich reds, unfortunately.
Up early on our first full day, and greeting the neighbours.
Then down to the beach, of course.
The kids were just so amazingly happy.

Whitby is known for it's fossils, so I hardly saw Champ.

The girls were playing ponies on the beach.
Champ found a starfish.
Nature's art.
I know! cold right! But the kids insisted :o)

I was so proud of myself for taking the kids camping on my own :o)

Anyway, it was getting to lunch time and I promised the children fish and chips. We drove around looking for parking and ended up in Robin Hood's Bay.
Kiki had fallen asleep on the drive over and was grumpy, I was really worried about the moans from her once she saw the hilly walk, but apart from one tantrum at the beginning she did brilliantly!

Full tummies = happy children.
The tide was high but going out when we got to the beach.
Kiki got her shorts wet and just stripped :oP I let her stay naked for a little while as I hoped the salt water would help her eczema.

We stayed at Robin Hood's bay for 4 hours. Even though it is meant to be the best for fossils, we found our first beach to be MUCH better.

It was such a wonderful day. We went back to the campsite very tired but very happy :o)

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