Friday, 4 June 2010

10th Wedding anniversary!

Instead of going away somewhere for the night, we decided to stay at home and just go out somewhere different. We chose a local Japanese restuarant as I had never had teppanyaki before. I know that it isn't very private, sitting next to other people, but it was great fun.
Self-taken pictures never seem to be very flattering but I wanted to capture the moment.
The chef came in and got going on the starters of scallops...
lobster tail and prawns.

Getting the giggles.
The chef cooked the eggs together and rolled them into a pancake shape, he then cut it into little pieces and flung it to each of us in turn to catch with our mouths.
Mine fell short and I just ate it quickly.
Hubby had one...
three goes :o)
We all had steak for main course. The chef lit the oil which was very spectacular. It didn't last long before you think that our steak was all charred :o)

The wine and lychee cocktail were kicking in :o)
Just in time for desert.
and fire, very yummy :o)
This picture was taken in the car on the way back home after the cinema. My Mom gave us a box of belguim chocolates when she came to pick up the children, which we ate watching the movie.
Here's to the next 10 years hubby xxxxxx

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