Wednesday, 26 May 2010

sunshine, tadpoles and newts

After spending the whole day outside, the kids got very hot, I got the umbrella and rug out and they all gathered together to read. I took LOADS of pictures as I love it when I can get shots of all four together.

Boo was being a bird on a perch.

Playing football with Daddy in the front garden.
Even though she was stropping with me, Kiki managed to look angelic in this photo :o)
And then the weather changed and we are back in jackets and wellies :o(
Today we went pond dipping with friends.

All the boys together.
The children were all so involved and happy. We stayed by the pond for ages with only the younger lot nagging for food.
I loved how excited they got when they found something and how the others all came running to have a look.
Touching the creatures.
Kiki loved holding the fat tadpoles.
Ooooh oooooh oooooh we've found a newt!
The girls named him Charlie.

Champ caught one...
three newts!
Kiki was very excited to catch some pond weed :o)

Some little baked bugs for the bug gardens.

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