Tuesday, 1 March 2011

cupcakes, cupboard and new coop

I know that I have been really bad at posting recently. There has just been so much to do! blogging is my little luxury so sometimes gets pushed down the to-do list :(

Because of all the eggs that we have been getting, the kids get to cook egg sandwiches more often. I have never eaten eggs as fresh as these before and see a definite difference - with our fresh eggs, the yolk sits much higher when broken in the pan and the white is a lot thicker, another difference, one that I have a slight problem with, is that while I am eating the egg the kids will tell me who layed it :P Look at what our clever hens produced :)))
It feels wonderful to know that there will always be enough eggs for baking. It's like getting the milk delivered and learning how to make bread, it just feels good to know that the basics are always there.

Champ and Boo have been out so much with the chickens, that they younger two have started to play really well with each other. They have invented all sorts of fun games.
Kiki just LOVES her cupcakes :)

She even does the washing up!
I got the boys to work together to put up Champ's new cupboard for all his fossils and "stuff".
I supervised them a little but really wanted them to look at the instructions and work out how the pieces fitted together and then work as a team to complete it.
I was really impressed how they both got stuck in.

And I found a second hand coop for a very reasonable price. This one is for the chicks when they are old enough.
The ladies. They are allowed to roam free now and we often find them at the top of the field. It's so funny as they only go off in pairs, like little rotund ladies off for an afternoon walk :)
The ladies seem to approve of the new coop but only to play in, they still prefer their original coop to lay in and sleep.

Watching them eat an apple. Hermione was laying an egg in the coop at the time.
Matching boy and chicken :)

I hope the old ladies won't be ignored once the youngsters arrive...


earthboysblog said...

The children really are having fun with those chickens,, adorable. Our chicks are so big now,,the boys are lifting them high and making them fly,, they fly so well. Ours are all over the place, I went to put them in this evening and couldn't find them so returned a bit later and they were there.

We've had all our cabinets delivered in boxes for our new house so the boys have been helping Fabien put them together...and of course they spent about 2 hours rolling down the driveway in the box, then upstairs in the bedroom.

I don't have a light strong enough to see through our eggs. We have low consumption light because most of the time we have no electricity and work off batteries. I asked Fabien to buy a torch when he returns from Miami.

You have little bakers to. I was preparing paints for the children this afternoon they told me they were busy. I went downstairs and they were squeezing their own lemon juice,, of course they added about 8 tbs of honey! We harvested our honey this week,, we have so much honey!

dorinalouise said...

your boys did great with the cupboard. i never was very good with instructions when i was little . . but the girls do well, just like your two. i think it's the homeschooling :)

yummy cupcakes! i love eating the eggs we get from our amish farmers. you're so lucky to have hens! it's so nice to have them traipsing about the yard!

Moogie said...

Yes Jeanene, we keep losing our ladies as they are gaining in confidence and now wandering off! But they are always there at bedtime :)
I remember rolling down hills in cardboard boxes! My youngest brother always got to test them out first :P poor thing.
Oh wow, I would LOVE to keep bees!!! Have you posted them on your blog - pictures not bees of course :P

Moogie said...

Hey Dorina!
The kids get their DIY skills from me lol I have always enjoyed puzzles and IKEA furniture is one one big 3D puzzle!