Monday, 28 March 2011

Lots of sugar, easter eggs and volcanoes

The kids had a friend over for a sleepover which meant lots of sugar! I am not sure why we serve sugar on sleepovers especially because we want them all to go to bed at a reasonably decent hour. Maybe that's part of the fun, giving them enough energy to stay up later than usual :)

Chocolate fondue. The chocolate and fruit didn't last long :) Continuing on the sugar theme, we decided to get started on making our Easter eggs. It is a bit early but practice makes perfect. yes, she licked the bowl :) They are a bit rough looking. Not at all like the shop-bought shininess but they are made with love :) We also made some white ones. We now need a lot more chocolate, next time we are going to attempt a big egg! We also decided to give fudge for Easter. Although I have made toffee, I have never made fudge and am determined to find a great recipe that works for us.

This recipe wasn't it.

We shall just have to practice until we get it right. Everyone ate it all up though :) After the wind smashed our last run, Hubby decided to make a new run with the kids. They still have a long way to go though. Googs is into volcanoes at the moment. Champ was too at the same age, strange, it must be a boy thing.

First job was to cut the egg boxes into lots of little volcanoes and then use masking tape to stick them down. Masking tape can be painted on. Then painting Finally adding all the lava!!! lots and lots of lava :)


Pip said...

Great chocolate eggs. I have picked up some moulds ready to make some easter eggs too. really looking forward to it.
Loving the volcanoes to...... my lot would love to make that.... not sure i would want to visit their land though.... looks a bit hot and scarey!!!

Moogie said...

Yes it is a great project if you fancy something chocolaty but want to wait until Easter until masses of chocolate as you get to lick bowls and spoons and fingers :)
Volcano land is meant to be scary, it is going to be home to dinosaurs and dragons apparently :)

earthboysblog said...

I tried to leave a message on another post but it wouldn't go through.. Of the mining. Your babes definitely want horses, such beautiful cuddles they gave them. It looks so pretty where you are, the children have wonderful adventures. How I love sheep. The volcanoes are cool.. I saw a volcano experiment on sunnydaytoday blogspot. She made playdoe, made a pit put baking soda (i think) then vinegar or soda to make the explosion. Those eggs look yummie and the fudge, I have also been looking for fudge recipes but don't seem to have all the ingredients. I had no idea marshmallow was one.

Kelly said...

I must admit I love chocolate and any excuse to have some will do. My boys also all love chocolate. Maybe because they grew as babes on chocolate flavoured breastmilk! We have a few egg boxes about. I will see if the boys would like to make volcanoes like yours. That looks like lots of fun! Hope you have a bright sunny day today!

dorinalouise said...

oh, please let me know if you find a good fudge recipe . . i have a french chocolate recipe from when i was in high school, but i'm not as happy with it lately, and would like one more fudgy.

it looks very warm there by you! those eggs look delicious, and the volcanoes are great. we did a few volcanoes years ago . . big ones with lots of baking soda! korrina was into that :)