Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring day at the river!

We have been looking forward to getting back to this river for about 6 months! And what a lovely day to go, unseasonably warm spring day *sigh, here's to many many more days like this. I know, wishful thinking :P Googs found a rock shaped like a knife. And yes, you would be right in thinking that although the weather was unseasonably warm, it wasn't quite warm enough for a paddle. Still...they made it work :D Boo going to chat to an inquisitive sheep. Making rock food. Kiki took the camera and this picture when I wasn't looking but I have added it to show how relaxing it was :) quilt, food, bare feet and crochet - bliss. After feeling a little lazy, I decided that we should all go for a walk. The kids went to try and round up the sheep. There they go! lol the sheep got away, the kids need more practice :) Finding a rooty hidy hole a sandy beach :) Boo kept finding deep pools that she is earmarking for a swim when the weather heats up. OK sticking hands down unknown holes is probably not the best idea :P Luckily nothing nibbled little fingers. Rabbit? fox? Gnome?


Pip said...

What a fantastic day! loving the hand holding!
Well done them for taking a paddle. tough kids!!

Moogie said...

I know! these hardened northern kids of mine :) I, on the other hand, stayed under my quilt!

Kelly said...

what a place to adventure! Such beautiful pictures. I wish we could be there too!

dorinalouise said...

what a fun and beautiful day . . and i love the picture of you crocheting. we need a few pictures of ourselves for posterity's sake!