Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Deep

We had a trip out to the aquarium on Friday with the home ed group! Kiki was 6 months old when we last went.
This time we took part in a workshop about sharks. Even though it was aimed at the older kids, Kiki was still listening. It's the closest we have ever been to a regular classroom setting :)
Googs looking at a shark's tooth.

Showing the kids different sized shark jaws. It was a great interactive workshop.
We were then free to look around the aquarium. The first trip around we went with the kid's friends, they zoomed around the place in no time. The second time we went at our own pace and it took us 4 hours to get round :) The kids were great, they really LOOKED the second time, had loads of questions and asked the staff members.

The divers feeding the eels.
Wall of ice.

These steps led up to concave windows so that it felt like you were right inside the nursery fish tank.

Kiki being a mermaid
Garden eels. :) these little guys were so cute!
And the tunnel under the shark tank. The photos of the day are all a little dark and blurred because flash photography wasn't allowed.

On our way out we got a chance to enjoy the view.
Outside, just after closing time. A fantastic day out!!!


dorinalouise said...

oh, that view is beautiful! i love all your photos. it's been a long time since we were at the aquarium also. the girls were quite little! hmmm . . maybe it's time for a trip . . !

Moogie said...

Yes you guys should definitely go, it is so relaxing.
Maybe the girls could do one of their wonderful nature study drawings.

Pip said...

its been a while since we were at the aquarium. back in the summer when we were in Portsmouth. Think our nearest is London :-(
I love the activities they set up and how close you can get to the fish. especially the rays!
Looks like you had a realy fabby day and every one learnt a lot!

Kelly said...

Those little eeels do look so cute. This must have been a fun day out for everyone. We haven't been to an aquarium for years.

Moogie said...

Sounds like everone needs a trip out to the aquarium. I just wish that you all lived close by so that we could go together. Akthough sharing your blogging pics would be fun too.