Monday, 7 March 2011

Roman omelette, tiny egg and German food!

The other day the kids asked to study more history! So we sat down together and chatted, they told me all sorts of interesting facts about the Romans that I didn't even know they knew, and many facts that I didn't even know myself! :) yay! for home schooling!!!!
Anyway, after a long and very interesting discussion we decided to make a Roman omelette. you need:
5 eggs
ground pepper
10g butter
75 ml milk
5ml honey
25g almonds
dash of anchovy essence or soy sauce

Toast the almonds first and then chop them. We just used slivered almonds and toasted them in a pan. Put everything together except butter and mix. Melt butter add egg mix and cook until firm.

The kids loved the smell

Ta da!
Roman yumminess!
My Mom gave us a game about emotions. There were a number of different components to it. The one that the younger two are playing here, involves discussing the feelings that they think the people on the cards are feeling. There are a whole range of different situations and they enjoyed looking at the cards for hours.
The board game accompanying the game box was not so good, it was very academic or rather very staged and unnatural. So instead Champ and Boo took the game and the cards and made their own game up. It is quite complicated and takes a long time to complete but it is great fun!!!
Getting in the spring spirit we made some Swedish butter biscuits into cinnamon-covered bunnies :)

and a little naughtiness I saw on an American site.
I think that they would taste even better if I left the chocolate to cool and harden :P

Ooh and look at the tiny egg that Honey Honey laid.

Gran came round too to cook some German food with the kids.
She bought some chocolate covered marzipan. Look at Kiki's delighted face
A wonderful tulband cake (which is actually dutch not German)
Finishing the last of the sauerkraut
Delicious potato, sauerkraut, sausage and bacon dish.


dorinalouise said...

oohh that sausage looks good! i think i'll have to make that this week. you have such delicious food in your post today . . chocolate and pretzels . . chocolate and marzipan .. roman omelettes . . and that lovely hen egg! i think i'll come and eat at your house :)

and i love seeing your children making up their own game. . . they are so independent and creative. the girls do that here with their friends around the corner. it's so fun for them. yes, hooray for homeschooling!

Moogie said...

Yes it was delicious! Oh I thought that you were vegetarian :P
I know all the goodies do look bad when all together in a post :o we do eat healthy food too :) I just get more excited, and therefore take pictures of, all the sweet food.

Kelly said...

You guys do cook lots of interesting meals and treats and I always love to see what Gran cooks with everyone.

Moogie said...

Me too, Kelly. It means we get lots of interesting food for supper :)))