Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 2 hatching eggs, mini eggs and box fun.

OK I realise that this picture is a little fuzzy but I think that it was just all the excitement of candling our hatching eggs for the first time.

This egg is an unfertilised egg that Mary laid, it is just for comparison purposes. See how clear it is.

Sad news, we have a cracked egg. We can see the egg changing round the back but apparently we have to throw it out as the bacteria will get into it which could affect the other eggs :( so one down 5 to go.
But the other 5 eggs looked like this. You can definitely see the dark patch in these eggs on day 2.
Knowing how we are all slightly obsessed with eggs right now, Gran brought some quails eggs for the kids to try for lunch.
But first Kiki and Gran made some corn bread.
Although Kiki did more licking than mixing.
Reading their new wildlife magazines that have come though.

So cute!
They are a pain to open, they have a really tough inner membrane on the shell.
But we managed to get almost all of them in whole.
Corn bread. It is the first time we had eaten corn bread, it was very yummy, especially the crusts.
Playing with gran.

Boo made this dragon for gran and grandad.
Playing with big cardboard box. It is amazing how long kids can play with them.
Although there were arguments over who's turn it was
but they came up with a solution :)

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kelly said...

I am so excited by your egg hatching adventure!

I will be checking back regularly to see how you get on...and to find out how to make soda bread :)