Friday, 25 March 2011

Play time!

I am now selling buttons! The lady at the local wool shop heard that I made buttons and asked to see them, when I brought her some she asked to stock them!

Our sourdough starter. I just wish that I knew what it should smell like.

Boys playing boy games in the garden.
And we managed to get enough sand for the sandpit. Although after I filled it up we decided to move it :) so that was good exercise anyway.
And we have been busy gardening all week.
Our new hatching eggs arrived. And although only 2 were fertile, it is at least one more than last time :) besides we bought a batch of guaranteed fertile eggs so the other 4 will be replaced once these little ones have hatched. We have one blue and one white egg developing nicely!
We have had a few park trips.
with friends
At a regular park

Then at our home ed meet/muddy park.

Guys playing football. The park looks very quiet as we were one of the first to arrive.

And playing at home.
Champ making an Egyptian temple.
The kids earned their pocket money :) My car was in desperate need of a wash after Googs had painted it with muddy hand prints.
It was Hubby's birthday.
Chocolate cheesecake.

and chocolate Guinness cake, of course :)
And...we got a new swing set!!!!
6 children can play on it at one time, yay!
And we planted a herb garden. I thought that they might do better in the ground as I forget to water pots :P
At one of our home ed/park trips, someone had arranged for a magician to come and show the kids a few tricks.
They were mesmerised :)
Another Guinness cake! I actually ended up making three as we gave so much cake away to friends and family.

Here Hubby was so desperate for a slice he asked me to put the icing on while the cake was still warm :D It tasted just as yummy.
And now the diet begins...


dorinalouise said...

you have been so busy! i love all your yummy cakes! and that swing set is the best!

we look forward to hearing about your new chicks and your wonderful garden. your family has such beautiful smiles. there's lots of laughter in your home : )

i think it's so great you're selling buttons. they're very pretty.

i have some sour starter in my frig . . it should smell . . sour! a nice healthy fermenty smell. and after feeding it should be a little bubbly. (i tried feeding mine this evening . . but i don't think it liked the flour i had. it never bubbled. i need to visit the health food store and pick up a good whole grain spelt or wheat).

Moogie said...

Thanks Dorina :)
The problem with the starter was that I thought that it was going well but when the kids said that it stank it made me worry that it was off. I ended up throwing it away. I shall try again another day once I have had the chance to sniff a started made by a pro :) Which flour is best? Do you make sourbread often?
I have been using my bread machine a lot this week but I am rubbish at cutting it :) so everyone ends up with 3 inch thick sandwiches. oh well, at least I know that they are not starving :P

Kelly said...

You guys have been very busy getting up to all sorts of fun things! So much fun going on there.