Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pip hatched!

I know that I have been terrible at posting recently, I just wasn't ready to put up this next post.
A week and a half ago, on schedule, Pip started hatching. We came back from a home ed meet to see the egg moving. It was really strange to talk to the egg and see it moving in response!
Later on in the afternoon we saw a small crack. After that, nothing.
Champ asked to sleep downstairs to be there if Pip hatched early in the morning. Since he was the only one to turn the egg we thought that it was right that the chick imprinted on him :)
Pip hatched early hours of the morning :)
We had to leave her in the incubator for the day to let her dry off and keep her warm.
The day after, when she was all fluffy, the kids got to hold her.

Such a cutie!!!

Now here is the bad news. When Pip was 2 days old, we were all out in the garden and Kiki snuck inside. She climbed up and tried to get Pip out from under the brooder...she was too rough and broke Pip's wing and our lovely little chick died :'( The kids were devastated.
Pip is now buried at the base of our new apple tree :(


Pip said...

I have been waiting for this post and so pleased to see such lovely pictures. but so sooooo sorry to hear the sad news. Poor Pip and poor children. It is such a shame that Pip was the only viable egg.

Huge hugs and much love to you all.
Pip xx

dorinalouise said...

oohhh, carolyne. i'm so sorry. korrina and i were just reading this post and exclaiming over pip's adorableness . . and we're so sad to read that you lost her. but we know she was greatly loved and in her short little life. rest in peace dearest pip.

Moogie said...

It was all just so sad because the kids took it so hard, they sobbed their little hearts out the day she died.
Luckily we had new eggs arrived the day after. Brandon has now stepped away a little from these eggs because being that attached to the chick really hurt. I am sure that he will be just as excited when they start to hatch though.
I tell you what, hatching chicks has given us soooo many learning experiences :) just not always ones that we were expecting!

dorinalouise said...

(sigh) so true.