Friday, 8 October 2010

Nature walk

We started the week with sun! We decided to make the most of it with a nature walk around a local reservoir. It was still very low which we found surprising given the amount of rain that we have had recently.
We all climbed down the rocks to get closer to the water.

Throwing stones...of course!

The water below them was very shallow.

Off for our walk. The boys would have stayed for longer but the girls were ready to move on.
We were on the lookout for signs of Autumn, including fungi!

Boo found tiny holes in the trunks that she was investigating.


We had a look at the different types of trees growing along the path, we were investigating the difference in their bark.

Boo having fun swinging on a branch and yes, it did eventually snap and she ended up on her bottom :o)

tree hugging :o)
a muscle shell!
Look at our autumnal treasures!

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Kelly said...

How lovely it could be if we could come along on a walk with you all! We have been so lucky with a bit of sun and warmth in October haven't we. Autumn is such a lovely time for exploring and you found lots of interesting treasures.