Sunday, 17 October 2010

Art outside and in

The other day the older two were invited to a party at laser quest. While waiting for them we stopped and looked around us and saw various art displays within a few meters of each other.

So I thought I would look at the various art projects in our house from the last few days.

Boo came up with this puppet one evening.

wrist warmers
larger wrist warmers, or will be once sewn up.
our lantern, which was not easy to make
lit lantern

leaf painting
One afternoon, I wasn't feeling well and needed a project that I didn't have to plan and which would keep the kids occupied until Daddy came home and took over.

I found a make-your-own-robot kit which was perfect.

The kids even drew some beds for them.
Googs finished his monster truck...well almost, he wants to put a few more stickers on it.

And we have decorated windows! The window crayons don't come out very often as I like to save them for rainy days.

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Kelly said...

Lots of art and creativity. My boys would just love those robots. And their beds - how wonderful is that! Fantastic, happy window art too! The monster truck is very impressive. As for the lantern, a work of art. I probably would have given up halfway through! Enjoy your week and all the fun things you guys do. We have still been spending a lot of time outdoors clinging to being out as much as possible doing lots of wild foods stuff and noticing less and less insects. The woods smell so earthy with all the dampness, moss and fungi and fallen leaves.