Saturday, 2 October 2010


I know that it might seem strange to put up pictures of our trip to IKEA but my kids love it here. It is such a great learning environment.
The kids all run through 'owning' different rooms and inviting everyone over.
Kiki threw a dinner party but only served coffee :o)
The others zoomed in and out of the rooms so quickly that it was hard to get pics of them

Using the scanner to look at prices. We decided to use the visit as a maths lesson. The kids had £100 of fictional money to spend...
Boo writing down her shopping list.

Gran bought them all little notepads to write down their ideas.

I love IKEA, it is probably a good thing that they are so far away.


Pip said...

not strange at all! Why would you not want to post pictures of IKEA!!! Its my idea of heaven!!
They have such great items too! Have you seen the new fabric food they have in the kids bit?

Kelly said...

I've never visited an IKEA store. Your children all look so at home there. Love how you had a hands on maths lesson whilst there too.