Sunday, 24 October 2010

Plaster of Paris Creations

My children have always loved this activity. Although we do have bought molds, the kids like to make their own using their favourite solid toys.
First get out the old batch of playdough from the fridge.
Roll it into a smooth ball and then shape it to a size just a little bigger than the toy.

Get your toy and squish!
and you have your mold.
Then pour in the plaster of paris.
Kiki's donkey.
Once dry, peel back the playdough and leave to dry further.

Then paint.

Ta da!
You can also use with natural 'toys' like pine cones, acorn cups, fossils, shells and even animal footprints. The soft playdough can be replaced with plasticine for a more solid mold although more expensive.


dorina said...

hello moogie, these molds are so neat. i feel like your home holds so much love and laughter! and i like your new heading picture. it looks like fungi on tree bark . . do you know what kind?

Moogie said...

Oh thanks Dorina :o)
The picture is of somekind of lichen, not sure which one though, maybe the common orange. It was on a branch that we were about to throw onto the fire, and I just had to take a picture of it. I love the contrast against my zebra print skirt :o)