Saturday, 2 October 2010

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here, it is our busiest season! The house just seems to buzz with activity. Obviously that buzz, at times, breaks out into squabbles :o) This is another bits and pieces post. I am really not sure what I have done to the layout...

lots of baking

Crafts. Here the younger two are working with stamps.

And Googs wanted to help me make a rag rug for his room.

making buttons
Making soup
Our nature table

Zooming cars...and skeletons :)

Our very messy workroom


Googs' train painting

Baking! Can you guess who got to lick the bowl?

Champ has been making lots of spiders
And all the rain means lots of puddles, great to try out the new wellies!

sopping wet!!!
Drying the wellies required the fan heater as the puddles ended up inside.


Pip said...

Lovely!! Cake looks scrummy!
We too have days when the wellies need to be dried... puddles have a habit of getting inside the boots!!

Brendan helped me clean out the chickens yesterday and we left our wellies in the sun covered in mud. after getting back from my sisters 30th celebrations we had very wet muddy boots and water inside as it rained while we were out! Grrrrr

Hope your all well and enjoying your chocolate cake!

Blessed Mommy said...

What fun! Very busy indeed. This is the kind of busy all children love. Smiles.

Moogie said...

Yes, thanks Pip, chocolate cake was yummy...too yummy ;O)

Thanks Blessed Mommy x

Kelly said...

You guys have been happy, messy busy. It's nice to be that way!