Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Treacle Toffee!

We decided to take a day off from gallivanting about the place and just spend the day at home.

I have been reading Percy Jackson to the older two, who are loving it! They wanted to know some more about the Greek myths so we decided to start a lapbook on them. Today we read about Pandora's box.

The younger two sharpening pencils whilst the older two are working on some maths problems :o) and yes, those are a pair of skeleton legs hanging down.
Winter is coming! I found Googs and Kiki in front of the heater again :o)
With bonfire night coming up soon we decided to make some treacle toffee.

455g soft brown sugar (not demerara)
230g treacle or dark molasses
110g butter
2 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp white vinegar

Melt butter with water and vinegar.

Add the sugar and treacle on a low heat to help dissolve the sugar. Then whack up the heat to get a good boil. DON'T STIR. until you get to soft crack stage, or just before if you want it chewier.

pour into a well greased pan. leave to cool for a while and mark before too hard. Then break into pieces when cool and cover with cellophane.

The spoon was cooled in cold water before my taste tester gave his opinion.
marked ready for breaking.
Yup, perfect!
I just love the deep flavour of treacle. After we had eaten some toffee we all marched upstairs to brush our teeth. Making your own sweets really makes one aware of how much sugar goes into them!


izzy said...

Omg that looks simply delicious and so sinful. I love reading percy jackson to my niece too!

Levin said...

sometimes it's easier to be blissfully ignorant about how much sugar foods contain - but it's better to actually know! i'm thinking of trying to make my own muesli bars for the kids so that i can control how much sugar goes in to them.
treacle toffee sounds yummy though - and you need to have a treat every know and then :)

earthboysblog said...

Yum yum! Send us some cold weather will you. The children are adorable.