Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cooking with Gran - chicken

More cooking with Gran. She has decided that she wants to teach the children the basics, teaching them recipes that her Gran used.
First job was to cut the pepper for roasting.
Once the peppers were in the oven it was time to investigate the chicken.
looking at the different parts
and even the insides! What a science lesson! :o)
Gran taught the kids how and where to cut the chicken.
Roasted peppers
once the chicken was cooked they started cutting up the vegetables for the chicken stock.
They put the chicken carcasses in with some veg to make stock.
Lunch time! From what I gathered, the children cut up some ham, some roasted peppers and grated some cheese.
cracked 3 eggs in a plastic bag and squashed them.
and then added the ham, peppers and cheese.
and popped the bag in a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes...and ended up with an omelette for lunch :o)
After lunch, making bread crumbs.
and cutting potatoes.
stuffing the chicken kievs

rolling in flour

and egg and breadcrumbs

Cutting veg for the chicken casserole
browning the chicken
putting it all together

pouring the stock
I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the finished meals. The kids ended up making 3 meals: chicken kievs, chicken casserole and the chicken stock made a delicious soup. Yummy!

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Pip said...

oh!!!! this looks great. loving the omlett in a bag idea!!!
will be trying that out! xx