Friday, 8 October 2010

Cooking with Gran

My Mom came to watch the kids so that I could get some work done. She decided to include them in one of her favourite activities - cooking!

I stayed upstairs, only coming downstairs to take pictures and sample the goodies.

They started with cheese scones for lunch

Once the scones were in the oven, the kids started on pasta making.

Once the pasta was resting they made lunch.

Lunch eaten, onto the tomato sauce...

and making the stuffing for the ravioli - smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Yay! pasta machine!

roasted tomatoes

putting the ravioli together.
making spaghetti
a well deserved tea break. The older two were made tea too but were too busy with the pasta machine.

completed (uncooked) ravioli. They may not look pretty but they tasted divine!
Raw spaghetti.
They learnt so much in one day. Thanks Mom x


dorina said...

what a special day! it's so nice to have one's mum around. everything looked delicious. we've never made our own pasta . . yet! we'll have to try it one day :)

Kelly said...

I'm feeling hungry just looking at all that good food getting prepared. That is one very special Gran. We love making homemade pasta here too but goodness the boys fight over turning the handle of the past machine. Hope you got your work done. I would have been so distracted by all the cooking smells!