Sunday, 5 September 2010

Stoat, cranefly and paddling

Champ read in his nature diary that tiger beetles can be found in May and September. His sister let his last tiger beetle free (accidentally) so he was desperate to go to the river and look for another one.
As it turned out we didn't find any tiger beetles but we did spot a stoat which was very exciting! It went down to the river to drink, then spotted us and dashing into the hole that Champ is bending over to look at. There was something else in that hole too but we couldn't work out what it was.
Googs was more interested in the rocks that any animal or insect :o)
It was even warm enough to take off t-shirts.
The stoat ran out of the hole and up the hill but it was so quick that champ couldn't work out where it had gone.

Kiki told me that she was swimming :oD she crawled around like that for ages, "swimming" in the river.
She then went to chat to the sheep and was upset that they ran away from her!
Boo caught a great crane fly
Investigating the animal hole.
I brought along the tent for Kiki. She loves little spaces and this tent has been one of the best things that I have ever bought.
Baa baa black sheep came to say hello.
Boo feeling brave went for a swim. Her brothers always stand at the side building up the courage to join her :o)
It was VERY cold!


Pip said...

oh another fabby day out! i wish i lived in your part of the UK lol.....

it looks sooo lovely!!

zenerx reviews said...

wow, very nice! camping!bac

Linda said...

What a lovely day! So many interesting discoveries:) I had no idea you were from SA:)