Wednesday, 1 September 2010

building, books and main lesson

The recent castle trips have influenced the younger two's preferred style of construction :o) castles all the way!

My Mom gave me a few teaching books after a clear out :o) I need more bookcases!!!
Just as the school children go back to school we get glorious weather. I wanted to enjoy the weather while staying on our own school schedule so took our school work and hiked up the hill to the castle to do our main lesson. I guess our first block is going to be local history :o)
The boys asked to be allowed to take their bow and arrows with. I had two rules : no firing at anyone and no firing over the castle walls as we would not be scaling down any cliffs to retrieve them. They had great fun firing them out of the keep :o)
It was actually a very warm afternoon, Googs just chose to keep his jersey on because he had a sticker on it.

I just let the children play for a while when we first got there...

and then settled down to do some work.
Drawing the Keep

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Pip said...

how lovely. to be able to take your work to a castle!! far more inspiring than a classroom!!
Loos like a lovely day xx