Friday, 10 September 2010

Mish Mash

This is a mish mash of a post, just bits and bobs of what we have gotten up to this week.

Dominoes! A fantastic lesson in grit and determination :o)

Boo was desperate to learn to make her own clothes. I said that she could start with altering clothes. She found this skirt at a charity shop and fell in love with the colour.

She got out her little pink sewing machine and...

made this!

Obviously I am incredibly proud of her making this outfit at the age of 8 BUT she will not be allowed to wear it until she is a lot older :o)

We had lots of puppet shows this week after a friend passed on this little theatre to us.

A few trees were chopped down in the back this week and the boys worked so hard with me to put the logs in garage.

I was so proud of the boys as they worked with me for almost 2 hours and it really wasn't easy.

and the logs were a decent size.


The kids went to tennis for the first time yesterday. Champ, Boo and even Googs were coached. Kiki was content to be coached by me :o)

Googs is actually a little too young for this group as the the starting age is 5 but he was eager to try it and is tall enough to pass for a 5yr old.

and he seemed to hold his own :o)

I love playdough, it is my standby for when the kids need some creative freedom. Champ made lots of money :o) I know that the weather isn't quite cold enough yet but I thought that I would start early and make some winter woollies for everyone. Here are Boo's legwarmers, I still have to sew up the ribbing and tidy the ends but she is really chuffed with them.
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Pip said...

i love peeking in on your life!!

Fabby dress!! Boo will be a designer... i'm sure of it. Brendan is loving the domino runs!!

Thanks for sharing xx

softearthart said...

Busy little bees, wonderful photos cheers Marie

Moogie said...

Thanks Pip, it is a LOT noisier in real life ;O)
You can see some great domino runs on youtube for Brendan. Type in domino day.

Thanks for your comment Marie x

Levin said...

i love the idea of altering clothes before you start sewing them - and the dress looks fantastic.
my boys love playing with dominoes too - it's so much fun to watch them all fall.
the leg warmers look fab :)

Moogie said...

Thanks Levin x