Sunday, 5 September 2010

Not at school picnic

On Friday we had our 'not at school picnic'. It was in the centre of the city and because hubby needed to borrow our car because his car had a flat, we went on the bus and the tram!

Outside the town hall were these two wonderful plant people that the children insisted I photographed.

Meeting friends at the home ed picnic.
Not everyone was in the picture as a lot of the children couldn't be dragged away from the fountains :o) A film crew arrived to interview and film the children.

The kids were all given some t-shirts. They make a great school uniform ;o)


Pip said...

oh looks like lots of fun!!
loving the t-shirts....
The local home ed group had a picnic here too.
Hope you all had a fabby time!

Moogie said...

Yes thanks Pip, it was great fun. Actually there must have been some great photo opportunities with the kids all playing in the fountain but I was too busy chatting! :o)
How was your picnic?

Pip said...

Sadly i'm not home educating :-(
both my boys went back to school on Friday. Kenzies 1st day. he loves it but tofday he was gtearfull. i think it's hit him it's an every day thing. so i am sat here... home alone... no children... no childminding children either... feeling a bit lost.
I keep toying with idea of home edd. i am on some forums and read lots of blogs..... but the boys are in a tiny village school of 20 children and its only a couple of doors away so i feel they are in a good place. i would be home edding if they were in a big school!!!

Moogie said...

Oh I thought you were home edding :o) Well we decided to home ed because our eldest wasn't ready for school at 4, it was working for us so we continued. Your sons school sounds wonderful.