Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Castleton and missing hedgehog

We went to Castleton with Gran. In the garden centre just before the village we found a glorious bookshop with tons of really old books. ooohhh how I love hunting through bookshops like this.
The kids enjoyed it too but apart from the old manuals they go for the more modern 'shiny' books :o(
Having a look at the wonderful kois

before I knew it they were up a tree :o)
and hiding among the trees.
It took a lot of restraint for Googs not to throw in any pebbles.
aaaah a puddle in the car park, now here they could through stones :o)
We then went onto Castleton. Boo convinced us of this trip as she had received enough money from the tooth fairy the night before to be able to buy a tiny fox that she had seen there.
When we were in the little shop we spotted some eye spy nature books which were fantastic. The kids had/have to hunt for a whole variety of objects in nature and tick them off in the book.
One thing that wasn't in the book that we did spot was this lovely fish.

This picture was taken coming back from looking at a cave. My Mom took them to the cave while I had a look around a wonderful antique shop, and guess what? I found a fantastic hand turning drill!!!! I am sooo chuffed! They also had some wonderful candle holders, old fashioned irons and pretty bowls *sigh* but I couldn't get those.

Champ had rugby that evening and when he arrived back home he spotted a rather large hedgehog in the driveway. He really wanted to show the others but they were all sleeping so he asked if he could keep it over night to show them all in the morning.

But in the morning...
we lost the hedgehog! After a major search we found the spiky ball under the couch.
and put it outside straight away.

off he goes hopefully not too traumatised by his little visit :oP


Kelly said...

Old books and hedgehogs - I love them both!!

Pip said...

I love your days...... they are just the sort of days i enjoy!!
We found a hedgehog the other day.... but he was a bit flat unfortunatly :-(