Sunday, 5 September 2010

Not letting Daddy miss the fun

On the weekend the children wanted to take Daddy to their river.

Googs found a stone that he turned into a phone. It looks a lot like those olden day mobile phones to me :o)

I found a lighter so the kids got to work gathering sticks while I emptied my bag of receipts and odd bits of paper to make a fire. It took a while but we got it going in the end.
And the kids collected enough sticks to keep the fire going for about 2 hours!

Such an amazing find! This beetle was a bluey-purple colour!

playing superman

Warming up by the fire. Boo gets cold VERY quickly yet she is the only one brave (is that the right word :oP) enough to put on a swimming costume and get right in.


Pip said...

i love your river!!!!
How fantastic to have somewhere like this to go. and build a fire too!!!!

Moogie said...

It is wonderful! Kids are just drawn to water, it was such a great find :o) lots of stones for Googs to throw, fossils for champ to find and the insects of course, sheep for Kiki to talk to and enough water for Boo to swim in.