Monday, 20 September 2010

Monster trucks!

On Saturday the boys were taken out to a monster truck show by their grandparents. The show only comes round every 5 years. Last time it was here Gran took Champ alone as Googs wasn't born yet :o) this time Granddad came along too to help with the engineering questions.
The boys were so excited about the show and were on their best behaviour :o)
Since I wasn't there I can't comment much.

The boys both had programmes that they managed to get signed by all the drivers.

For the show Mom had brought the boys earmuffs as it gets VERY loud

more signing...
That evening we went to pick up the boys from Mom and Dad's and stayed for supper.
The boys called us into the lounge where they had recreated the monster truck show on a grand scale :o)

While the boys were doing that the girls were playing foxes and were hiding in their den.


softearthart said...

I always think it is so amazing how children recreate what they see, when they come home. Their imaginations are just terrific, it is this physically doing stuff, that is what learning is all about. cheers Marie

Moogie said...

Yes you are right, Marie! The kids never say much when you question them straight after an event but it comes out in other ways and over time.

Kelly said...

Very exciting!