Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Natural Art and summer pudding.

At the home ed nature reserve day the kids were set the task of creating some natural art.

The girls were having a creative block.
Kiki showing me some fish skin :oo

The little boy's artwork with added fish skin and, of course STICKS!

Champ made some natural paint and some cement.

Of course Googs had found a stick. It is a rare photo of him without a stick or stone in his hand when outside :oP
Off to pick blackberries.
The boys :o)
Making summer pudding with their foraged blackberries. Just after this picture Kiki got stung by a wasp which was a little traumatic. She told me that the bee was hiding, waiting for her in the blackberry bush. The sting was so enormous that I thought that it was a thorn at first! Poor little thing :o(
Flying ants
A dress that Boo designed when we got home.


Pip said...

oh looks like a lovely day! Lots of creativity going on. Brendan wanted to know what the sticks and Teasle were... he liked the idea of nature art!!

Ricky Tan said...

Such a creative group you all are! Wow. Haven't seen flying ants before. Lol!

Tan Family said...

The previous comment should have come from our family account, Syrendell (not Ricky). Sorry about that! Wonderful blog post. :)

Moogie said...

Pip, it was just a creation, not sure that it was meant to be anything...but I could be wrong ;O)

Thank you Tan family :o)