Tuesday, 20 September 2011

river aquarium and dinghies! - day 5/6

We moved on the following day. Hubby chose this place because someone said that they had caught a big fish here :) It ended up being perfect because the trees that surrounded us on all sides created a wonderful wind breaker.
The sun came out and it was a glorious day. Also, because of the jetty, they kids could run around.
The water was teeming with tiny fish. The kids even managed to catch some and make their own little aquarium :)
The first little fish
using their nets to catch more

Gran and Grandad joined us just before lunch.
And we got out the dinghies!!!
They were naturals!

Everyone took turns

Gran couldn't resist for long :)
Time with Grandad
We happened to moor next to a professional fisherman. Here he was teaching the children to mix their own ground bait.

More fish

Once the children were confident on the dinghies we allowed them to go out a little further.

And we blew up the 2nd dinghy
Fishing took up most of the day. In fact that is what we did for most of the holiday; fish, eat, and read.
Kiki tried and tried to catch a fish with her net, unfortunately, she doesn't quite have the patience and got very frustrated. I was impressed at how long she stuck at it and eventually she managed to catch one. It was dead so slightly easier to catch but she loved it no less. She named it Lily and carried it around for most of the day waiting for it to come alive again :)
Later in the day she was given a little pot of maggots to look after. She named them all and showed them to the fishermen. She looked after them well until a gust of wind blew them into the water :(

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Pip said...

looks like such lovely family time!! glad the weather was good for you all xx