Thursday, 8 September 2011

crayon recycling and nature

Chicken update: we have more males than we thought :( They are loved by the children but there is no way that we can keep all of these males!
Our apple tree only produced one apple because of the strong winds a few months ago! And we can't even eat it because the chickens got to it first :P
Brandon fed them the rest of the apple.
We went for a walk to the park with some friends

And later made some cupcakes.
We have a ton of broken crayons so decided to have a go at recycling them.
The kids cut them up
put them in a muffin tin
and put them in the oven until melted
peeling crayons

ta da! Don't they look great? The kids loved this activity but I really don't know when they would use these crayons.


Pip said...

ohhh!! what fun! I look forward to trying this out sometime!

dorinalouise said...

that's fun! the crayons are good for shading in large areas on watercolor paper. we like the texture of the paper between the different colors.

you live in a beautiful area! i love all the walks you go on :)

Moogie said...

Thanks Dorina :) you are welcome to visit anytime.