Monday, 19 September 2011

Norfolk Broads - day 2

We were up early and got busy mopping down the boat.
Breakfast eaten and boat cleaned, we were then ready to set off for another location.
The kids had a turn at driving the boat.

we reached one of the broads.

I got to drive too but left the reversing to hubby.

We moored up and took a walk. This is toad hole cottage.
Done up as it would have looked all those years ago.

This is the larder.
The fishing tools.
After the cottage we went to look at the windmills.
The back again for more fishing.

While the guys fished, we walked into town. The locals said that it was only a mile away but it turned out to be more like 3 :) At least it tired out a very energetic boy.


dorinalouise said...

it is just so beautiful. i love the photo of the boats along the bank ..

i changed a setting that allows anyone to leave a comment, not just a registered user (which it had been set to). maybe this will allow you access now.

Moogie said...

Great! I shall mosey on over.
It was so frustrating that google changed my accounts around, I hate all that faffing around. Hopefully, sorted now though :)

dorinalouise said...

hmmmm, weird. i'm going to ask greg to see if he has any ideas.

i'll tell the girls . . we hope to hear tomorrow night or thursday morning.

it's funny that it was you who almost fell in. i had a friend tell me that on her vacation, it was her husband who capsized in his canoe, not the kids who all had on their life jackets (following orders!) and lost his wallet and cell phone. his son had to dive in to retrieve everything!

i hope they like coot club! it was one of my favorites. m and c's fave is _we didn't mean to go to sea._

Pip said...

oh i love that cottage and old simple kitchen! heaven!