Thursday, 22 September 2011

Final day - Day 7

There was a mooring that I had my eye on the whole week. Everytime we went past it there was someone already there BUT on the final day we got it!!!
There was a lovely path to run down with blackberies growing along it. A lovely spot to fish set back from other boats.
Off to explore, gather firewood and pick blackberries.
And a great spot for a row in the dinghy.
The guys could fish...
While I relaxed under the trees with a book and the kids and the cushions from the boat :)

Later on in the day a family of swans came to say hello. They allowed the children to sit and watch them for a long time.
B managed to catch his biggest fish of the holiday :)

And we made a fire

Mom baked an apple crumble and used the foraged blackberries. We all ate it round the camp fire. It was a perfect final evening.
K made herself her own swan nest.
So of course Kiki did too :)
On the final morning, the older two really didn't want to leave. Here they are feeding the last of our bread to the swans.
It was a wonderful holiday, one that we would love to repeat in a few years.


earthboysblog said...

You guys are always having a blast as one big happy family.. Can't keep nature away from us Africans huh. love the photos. My boys just love fishing. How are you?? I must write soon. Sending you a big kissxxx

Moogie said...

That's so true! I wish that you lived closer, the kids would have a blast together.
Hope that you are having a great birthday.

Gregory said...

i agree with you. that last mooring was heaven! love the campfire and the swans' nests! (chanda is always doing the same with morgana . . ! . . )

it was a beautiful vacation. makes me miss our cape cod days. i hope we get back soon! thanks for posting about it. maybe we'll re-read coot club! though, i'm waiting for a lovely book on hold at my library by patricia reilly giff called _lily's crossing_, about a young girl spending her summer in rockaway (where our friends live). i bet you and K would like this book . .

dorinalouise said...

AAHHH! that's the second time this week that i commented on someone's blog under my husband's google account :P

well, it was me writing . . did i confuse you?