Sunday, 18 September 2011

Norfolk Broads - day 1

My parents took us all on holiday to the Norfolk broads!
It took hours to drive there, the children were excellent in the car, better than I was, as I always get fidgety. But finally we arrived, loaded up the boat and set out for a week on the water.

The kids loved sitting on the front of the boat while we motored around.

Our first mooring. The kids got into the swing of things straight away by getting their books out to relax.

And of course fish
inside our boat.
we backed up the two boats so that the kids could hop from one to the other. Hubby was nervous about handling the boat but he did a great job reverse parking :)
The swans came to visit.
And the girls bought some new horses for the trip.
The first fish!!!!

Kiki pretending to drive

Kiki caught a fish too.
That night, most of us slept well. Kiki, however, fell out of her bunk a couple times :P


Pip said...

we looked at a boating holiday this year but i wasn't brave enough. i have a huge fear of the kids falling in. to be honest its a silly fear. Brendan was born for swimming and they will have life jackets.... so maybe next year! hope you had a great time. looks fantastic!

dorinalouise said...

oh . . . i remember falling out of my bed when i was little . . :)

it's just like swallows and amazons (coot club). i can't wait to tell m and c. what a special vacation!

Moogie said...

Pip, it was fantastic. I was a little worried too as my younger can't swim yet, but we were very strict with the life jacket rule and they were not allowed out of the boat without one on, even the older two.
I was the only one to almost fall in!

Moogie said...

Dorina, it was such a wonderful holiday. We were with nature, switched off from the outside world and it was bliss. I would thoroughly recommend it.
Yes! The kids haven't read the book so I am going to order from the library this week.x