Friday, 2 September 2011

bread, blackberries and exploration

Making bread together. I know that we cheated using a packaged make your own but the process is still the same.

baked with cheese and rocket hmmmmmmmm
An abundance of blackberries
so we made poffertjies and placed a blackberry in each one.

they looked like mini volcanoes
and with the dusting of sugar, chewy texture of pancake and then burst of blackberry flavour, they were delicious.
Boo went off for a pony day and the for a sleepover at some friends. So they younger two played outside
and Brandon took old electronic equipment apart.
I hope that he learns how it all works and can be fixed, that would be a really useful skill to have :) as well as being able to put it back together again.
Kiki was telling me a story here.
I love capturing children engrossed with nature, OK, here they are watching a dying slug...but still nature :)


dorinalouise said...

oh, i love that last one. i remember doing things like that when i was little . . :)

poffertjies and blackberries. so good!!!

Moogie said...

Dorina! I have been meaning to message you but google is changing my accounts around and I can't post anything on anyone else's blogs.
I wanted to say that you guys were in our thoughts with the hurricane and glad that you are OK.

dorinalouise said...

thank you! i was a little nervous . . oh my goodness! a LOT nervous for that hurricane. i feel that we were so fortunate. there is so much flooding going on here, especially in pennsylvania right now. so much rain! and texas is dry as a bone!

your days are just grand! i love the beautiful land that surrounds your home. i'm happy autumn is on it's way. the cooler weather feels wonderful.

Pip said...

ohhh they do look yummy! we too have been enjoying the fruits of nature!! Your Brandon reminds me so much of my Brendan. he loves taking things apart! just to see how they work!