Monday, 18 July 2011

under a bridge

Another warm day so another trip to the river. It was so lovely in the sun but the children chose a shady spot to play under the bridge :PAlthough it was a warm day that water was cold! I couldn't believe that the kids decided to sit in it up to their necks ...brrrrrr

building up the dam to make the 'swimming' area even deeper.
Lunch and warm up time
I wish you could see how much my eldest eats and yet he stays so skinny! My Dad was the same, apparently he has until he hits 30 to eat as much as wants before he gets a belly :)
Rivers are never relaxing for parents. We have to give the kids their freedom while watching them like a hawk. After that large boulder on the left side of the picture, the river drops. The kids know not to go near it, but at the moment I am having so many nightmares about them falling down holes or chopping off their fingers that I am slightly paranoid - I try not to let it show though :)


Kelly said...

What a beautiful spot to be free. wish we could join you there one day! Love to you

Moogie said...

I was going to say anytime but then thought that perhaps it would be better when the temperature was nearing 20 oC :) We would love to see you all

Pip said...

what a fantastic spot!
Love the shot of them sunning themselves on the rocks... reminds me of lizards warming up lol!
That bridge is amazing. A proper Pooh Bear bridge!